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Throughout history, silver has been linked to the expression of one’s character and identity. Its crafting, tradition and use have always reflected individuality and a unique lifestyle. Hermitage continues this tradition of silver, bringing it up to date thanks to new techniques.

Hermitage wide range of silver tableware and accessories is created by expert silversmiths with extensive experience in techniques such as hammer, flattening, repoussage, casting, assembling, chiselling and engraving with painstaking attention to detail.


Hosting dinners is an art without a fixed set of rules. Codes and traditions are important, but a true host knows that something else is needed too: a touch of magic. Heirs to a story that blends chemistry and prodigy, Bohemian glassmakers of Hermitage are capable of transforming this incandescent matter into small miracles of splendor, all of which are tailored to the exclusive tables designed by Hermitage.


Without doubt, the defining element of a table setting is the choice of tableware. It sets the tone and style for the entire table and provides a prelude to the dining event itself. Hermitage creates the finest bespoke bone china services, to bring a sense of lightness and elegance to any event: from a state dinner to a relaxed meal among friends.

Following the old techniques and traditions, Hermitage artisans are able to create the finest tableware for royal banqueting, aircrafts, yachts and residential use.